Life After the Uniform

Your Military Separation Made Easier - Darrell Williams, U.S. Army Retired

April 18, 2022 Erin Silver
Life After the Uniform
Your Military Separation Made Easier - Darrell Williams, U.S. Army Retired
Show Notes

In this episode,  Erin talks with US Army Master Sergeant (Retired), Darrell Williams. I could list Darrell's complete bio and CV, and I'm sure you would be impressed (I will provide a few key highlights below), but what is truly special about Darrell is that he is so much more than his professional accomplishments. He is a mentor in every sense of the word, he is passionate about helping others, and he is a natural leader with integrity who inspires others to do their best. 

Darrell and I talked about a topic that both of us are passionate about - the military transition process. Darrell gave actionable, real world advice on helping service members leave the military and enter the civilian world. If you are getting ready to retire or separate, this is an episode you won't want to miss!

Darrell is the Chief, Military Human Resources for Operations at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). He serves as the human resources senior advisor on all military matters. Previously, Darrell, He was also assigned to the White House Communications Agency (WHCA), where he served as a Human Resources Manager, Operations Lead, and Vice Presidential Communications Officer for over 500 Presidential and Vice Presidential missions. a Master Certified Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker, started Alliance Seminars Coaching as a veteran-owned, faith-based organization that provides keynote speaking, certified workshops, and life coaching services to clients. Darrell provides excellent advice and mentoring for veterans seeking to work with the government and how to find and pursue your purpose.

Career highlights include leading several short notice Presidential missions that included examining the effects of Hurricane Andrew in Florida and Tornado Damage in Arkansas; selection as the Staff Support Unit Manager of the Year; selection as a WHCA All-Star; as well as the White House Communications Agency Senior Manager of the Year. Additionally, he was selected as a DISA Outstanding Mentor and Mission Support Services Team Lead of the Year.
 He received numerous professional awards to include the Presidential Service Badge. He is also a recipient of the Lacey B. Ivory Service Award; Roy Wilkins Renown Service Award; the National Louis University Reach Award; and the Strayer University Outstanding Alumni Award for his dedicated leadership in the DoD and community.
 He was also inducted into the White House Communications Agency Hall of Fame.

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